Navigating UCPA Compliance

Empower Utah residents to have control over their personal data.

Understanding the Utah Consumer Privacy Act (UCPA)

The Utah Consumer Privacy Act (UCPA) is a significant regulatory framework designed to safeguard the personal data of Utah residents. This article provides an overview of the UCPA, outlines its key aspects, identifies who is affected, and explains how Cocoon CS can assist businesses in achieving compliance.

What is the UCPA?

The UCPA, effective December 31, 2023, grants Utah residents various rights regarding their data and imposes obligations on businesses to ensure responsible data handling. Key points of the UCPA include the rights to access, delete, and obtain copies of personal data and opt out of data processing for targeted advertising or the sale of personal information.

Who is Affected by the UCPA?

The UCPA applies to businesses that:

  • Conduct business in Utah or target Utah residents.
  • Control or process the personal data of at least 100,000 consumers annually.
  • Derive over 50% of their revenue from selling personal and process data of at least 25,000 consumers annually.

This scope ensures that local and out-of-state businesses that engage with Utah residents must comply with the UCPA.

How Cocoon CS Provides a Solution

Our expert support team helps you establish UCPA policies and educates your staff. With Cocoon CS, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to achieve and sustain compliance, ensuring you feel supported and confident.

Cocoon CS allows you to link your systems and automatically verify configurations against UCPA standards, enabling you to swiftly detect and address any compliance issues.

Cocoon CS ensures continuous surveillance of your security measures, maintaining constant compliance. Our platform delivers real-time alerts, helping you avoid potential threats and compliance violations.


Achieving compliance with the Utah Consumer Privacy Act is crucial for protecting Utah residents' personal data. Cocoon CS offers the necessary tools and expertise to help your business meet these regulatory requirements, safeguarding your operations and consumers' data.

Ready to ensure your business complies with the UCPA? Book a demo with Cocoon CS today and discover how our solutions can simplify your compliance journey.