Compliance Toolkit

Unmatched simplicity. CISO-enhanced.

Cocoon’s Compliance Toolkit converts standards-based compliance into unparalleled simplicity. Experience the strength of tailored, CISO-enhanced cybersecurity compliance to get you across the finish line quicker and under budget

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Establish Cybersecurity Compliance

Leading IT professionals trust Cocoon’s Compliance Toolkit to streamline, manage, and enforce cybersecurity compliance with unparalleled precision. Our platform equips your team to meet evolving threats head-on, ensuring compliance at every level with swift, scalable, and precise control over your cybersecurity landscape, all the way from the initial assessment of your system to passing your audit.


Risk Manager

Manage cybersecurity risks.

Policy Builder

Build and distribute security policies.

Asset Manager

Develop IT documentation.

Incident Response Planner

Prepare for any kind of breach.

Awareness Trainer

Manage policy-based awareness training.

Artifact Logger

Collect logs in preparation for an audit.

Discover the Future of Cybersecurity Excellence

Explore our cutting-edge, cybersecurity toolkit and safeguard your organization today and beyond.