Cultivating Digital Transformation

Cocoon is fundamentally  changing how businesses operate by implementing technology and automation in ways that bring higher value and growth.

We can help your business prepare for organic growth by providing care and attention through ongoing support, maintenance and guidance.

Our story starts with our name.

We chose Cocoon because it symbolizes transformation and protection, which is the nature of our business—Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity.

As our world rapidly changes, organizations of all sizes understand that technology is critical to achieving growth and long-term success; however, most don’t have a formal technology strategy to guide them.

Productivity and administrative tools, order management, CRM, data backup and storage, and cybersecurity have become standard items in most organizations’ IT arsenal. However, these technology assets are typically not the first thing that comes to mind when businesses look to grow.

For most businesses, their IT typically focuses on ensuring network performance and dealing with computer issues and data crises rather than creating forward-looking technology strategies and implementation.

As a result, many businesses don’t achieve full benefit from their IT investments and miss opportunities to use technology to drive growth and profits.

It’s because of this we started Cocoon.

Cocoon helps businesses prioritize the technology investments that bring the most benefits for growth and profitability.

With almost two decades of experience providing managed IT services, software development, and cybersecurity, the Cocoon team has created a suite of services focused on advancing the role of technology in operations and taking their venture to the next level through its use.

Through a combination of strategy, technology tools and solutions, business processes and management, our Digital Transformation Program integrates systems across all areas of operations, improving productivity, cybersecurity and customer and employee experiences while future-proofing the entire organization.

Our Values

We are an IT support partner dedicated to creating, implementing, and managing tailor-made solutions that foster success and growth.

Human-Centric Customer Service

Research, understanding, and empathy are at the forefront of our customer service.

We promise:

  • To take time to understand your process
  • To ask questions and listen closely before providing solutions
  • To educate and not dictate

Entrepreneurial Spirit

There’s always room for improvement and experimentation leads to innovation.

We believe:

  • We should never stop learning
  • In seeking out opportunities
  • That sometimes we have to fail before we can succeed

Integrity and Accountability

Communication and comprehension nurtures successful relationships.

We strive:

  • To consistently deliver on expectations
  • To provide open and transparent feedback
  • To make responsible decisions

Management Team

Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards established Cocoon to help meet the demand for strong cyber security companies in Western Canada.


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