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We chose the name Cocoon because it symbolizes the need to have a safe place to transform your business.

As our world rapidly changes, organizations of all sizes understand that technology is critical to achieving growth and long-term success; however, most don’t have a formal technology strategy to guide them.

Productivity and administrative tools, order management, CRM, data backup, and storage have all become standard items in most organizations’ IT arsenal. However, with these technology comes risks that are typically not the first thing that comes to mind when businesses look to grow.

For most businesses, their IT typically focuses on ensuring network performance and dealing with computer issues and data crises rather than creating cyber security strategies.

With Cocoon, you get cyber security out of the box.

Matt Edwards

It’s because of this we started Cocoon.

Cocoon helps businesses prioritize the technology investments that bring the most benefit for growth and profitability. We provide the research and the tools you need to protect your business while improving productivity and growth.

Our flagship offering is a portal that focuses on advancing the role of technology in your business.

Through a combination of cyber security tools, our solutions integrate systems across all areas of your business, improving productivity, cyber security awareness and customer and employee experiences while future-proofing your entire organization.

Matt Edwards


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