Achieve and Maintain CMMC 2.0 Compliance Across Your Business

Simplify Your Compliance Journey with Cocoon CS's Comprehensive Solutions

Your Trusted Partner for Simplifying CMMC 2.0 Compliance

Cocoon CS is your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of CMMC 2.0 compliance. Our platform is designed to simplify the process, allowing you to understand the requirements, manage controls, streamline workflows, and automate tasks and evidence collection with ease and speed, giving you the confidence to achieve CMMC 2.0 compliance quickly and easily.

Everything You Need to Achieve and Maintain CMMC 2.0 Compliance

Establish the policies and procedures needed to meet CMMC 2.0 requirements.

Integrate and monitor your tech stack through our 100+ integrations.

Reduce your organization’s regulatory, legal, financial, and cybersecurity risk.

Maintain continuous compliance with CMMC 2.0 standards.

CMMC 2.0: An Evolving Model for Contractors to Meet NIST Security Requirements

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 is an assessment framework designed to increase trust in measures of compliance with various standards published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) following Department of Defense (DoD) standards.

How Cocoon CS's Platform Works

With Cocoon CS's security and privacy compliance automation platform, achieving and maintaining CMMC 2.0 compliance is a breeze. We provide policies and procedures vetted by federal compliance experts, proprietary security and privacy training for automated employee compliance, and everything else you need to become compliant, all in a user-friendly interface.

For L1 contractors and a subset of L2 contractors, we prepare you to complete a self-assessment. A subgroup of L2 contractors must undergo CMMC 2.0 Third Party Assessor Organizations (C3PAO) assessments, while L3 contractors must complete government-led assessments. We also stay current on the latest CMMC 2.0 requirements so you can focus your resources on your biggest priorities.

Steps to Compliance

When you choose Cocoon CS, you’re not just getting a platform; you’re getting a dedicated account manager who will guide you every step of the way. This personalized support will make you feel supported and valued throughout the compliance process.

Set Up Your CMMC 2.0 Policies and Procedures

Utilize our extensive library of pre-vetted policies and customize them to fit your organization.

Train Personnel on Security and Privacy Requirements

Automate employee training to ensure all team members meet compliance standards.

Complete Your CMMC 2.0 Readiness Assessment:

Evaluate your preparedness for CMMC 2.0 compliance.

Conduct Self-Assessments and Audits

Complete self-assessments for L1 contractors and a subset of L2 contractors. Undergo C3PAO assessments or government-led audits for higher levels.

With Cocoon CS, you can rest easy knowing your compliance is monitored in real-time. Our platform provides automated evidence collection and real-time alerts, giving you peace of mind that your compliance is always controlled.

Set Up CMMC 2.0 Policies and Procedures Quickly

We provide CMMC 2.0 policies and procedures that meet compliance standards. Select from our library of policies, adapt them for your organization, and publish them for review by your personnel.

Key Benefits:

Easily Maintain CMMC 2.0 Compliance

Our platform has been updated to meet CMMC 2.0 requirements, helping you stay current and maintain compliance.

Key Benefits:

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