Achieve and Maintain CCPA Compliance

Grants California residents rights over their personal information collected by businesses.

What is CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a landmark privacy law enacted to protect the personal information of California residents. It grants consumers greater control over their personal data, giving them rights to know, delete, and opt out of the sale of their information, among other protections. The CCPA aims to enhance transparency and accountability for businesses handling consumer data.

Key Aspects of Being CCPA Compliant

Compliance with the CCPA involves several critical elements:

  1. Consumer Rights:
    • Right to Know: Consumers can request details about the personal information a business collects, uses, and shares.
    • Right to Delete: Consumers can request the deletion of their personal data.
    • Right to Opt-Out: Consumers can opt out of selling their personal information.
    • Right to Non-Discrimination: Consumers should not face discrimination for exercising their privacy rights.
  2. Business Obligations:
    • Data Inventory and Mapping: Understand and document what personal data is collected and processed.
    • Privacy Policy Updates: Update privacy policies to reflect CCPA requirements.
    • Consumer Request Mechanism: Provide methods for consumers to submit data requests.
    • Employee Training: Train employees on CCPA requirements and the company’s privacy practices.
  3. Scope and Applicability: The CCPA applies to businesses meeting specific criteria, including annual gross revenues over $25 million, handling data of 50,000 or more consumers, or deriving 50% or more of annual revenues from selling personal information.
  4. Enforcement and Penalties: The California Attorney General enforces the CCPA, and non-compliance can result in significant fines.

For more detailed information, you can visit the official CCPA page.

Who is CCPA for Primarily?

The CCPA primarily targets for-profit businesses that collect, process, or sell the personal data of California residents. This includes companies operating within California and those outside the state if they meet the specified criteria. Businesses of all sizes and sectors, from retail to technology, must adhere to CCPA if they handle California consumer data.

How Cocoon CS Can Help Achieve CCPA Compliance

Cocoon CS offers comprehensive solutions to help your business achieve and maintain CCPA compliance efficiently and effectively.

Maintain Compliance with California Data Privacy Laws

CCPA compliance is not just a legal requirement; it's a crucial step for businesses that target or collect data from Californian residents. Cocoon CS helps you comply with various privacy requirements and security controls, avoiding costly fines.

Ensure You Are CCPA-Compliant

Cocoon CS simplifies the complex requirements of CCPA, outlining the necessary steps for compliance. With our platform, you can save valuable time, strengthen your security, and confidently achieve compliance, relieving the burden of managing data privacy independently.

Our dedicated customer support team helps you set up CCPA policies and train your employees effectively.

Connect your cloud services to verify CCPA configuration automatically.

Monitor your security controls to ensure ongoing compliance and avoid penalties.

Set Up CCPA Policies and Procedures Quickly

We assist in designing CCPA policies and procedures tailored to your business needs. Choose from our library of policies, adapt them, and publish them for your personnel to review.

Key Benefits:

Stay in Compliance with CCPA Requirements

Cocoon CS keeps you updated with the latest regulations, updating frameworks as new policies and procedures are added.

Key Benefits:

We're Ready to Help

Achieving and maintaining CCPA compliance is crucial for protecting consumer data and avoiding fines. Streamline your compliance efforts with Cocoon CS and focus on what matters most.