Awareness Trainer

Elevate Your Cybersecurity Education and Compliance

Human error remains one of the most significant security vulnerabilities in the digital era. Cocoon's Awareness Training tool, designed with user-friendliness in mind, transcends traditional training methods by integrating comprehensive assessments, tailored content, and strategic compliance mapping into one dynamic platform. This tool empowers your staff, ensures your training program meets all compliance requirements, and delivers measurable value to your organization.

Comprehensive Training Evaluation and Enhancement

Our Awareness Training tool is not just a critique of your existing training program. It's a continuous improvement tool that ensures your program is robust, compliant, and effective at fostering a security-conscious culture within your organization.

Key features

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Complete Training Assessment

Evaluate your current training program against industry standards, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring every required component is in place.

Customizable Content

This unique feature allows for the sourcing and organizing of online content into coherent training modules, making it highly adaptable to your organization's specific needs and various user roles. You can import content from YouTube and other sources, so you don't have to develop it yourself.

Integrated Compliance Mapping

Align your training efforts with necessary compliance standards to ensure your organization meets all regulatory requirements.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

This position builds and manages metrics to assess the effectiveness of your training program, providing detailed reports and analysis for continuous improvement.

CISO-Partner Integrations

Connects with leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) through CISO partners, enhancing the deployment and tracking of training initiatives.

Transform Your Security Training

With Cocoon’s Awareness Training, you can:


Launch Comprehensive Training

Deploy a well-rounded training program that covers all bases, from essential security awareness to advanced threat prevention techniques.


Monitor and Adjust

Use real-time data to make informed adjustments to your training program, ensuring it remains relevant as threats evolve and new compliance regulations emerge.


Demonstrate Value

Back your training initiatives with solid metrics, confidently showcasing the return on investment to stakeholders and management.

Success Story: Joe's Turnaround

Joe, like many, utilized various online and paid training tools but needed help quantifying their impact. After switching to Cocoon's Awareness Training, he now crafts mature, metrics-backed training programs that confidently demonstrate their value to his executive team. Joe's story is a powerful testament to how our tool can revolutionize training efficacy and compliance, inspiring you to take the same path to success.

Get Started with Awareness Training

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