Asset Manager

Secure, Streamline, and Simplify Your IT Asset Documentation

Understanding your assets is crucial for their protection. Cocoon's Asset Manager stands out as a robust tool that helps you identify all your IT assets and provides the ability to fully document their security. This includes everything from hardware and software to networking and security components.

Efficient Asset Management with Real-time Control

Our Asset Manager tool is designed to serve as the central hub for all your IT documentation needs. It integrates seamlessly with various IT systems to securely collect and store asset data.

Key features

Centralized Documentation

Creates a single repository for all IT documents, simplifying management and access.

User-Friendly Dashboards

Navigate your asset inventory through intuitive dashboards that provide a clear view of all asset information.

Automated Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports automatically to inform stakeholders about asset status and compliance.

Secure Data Handling

Rest easy knowing that all data within Asset Manager is encrypted, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

Guided Data Collection

The tool guides you through the data collection process and allows for additional expert support from your CISO, ensuring everything is documented.

Streamline Your IT Asset Management

From planning through monitoring, the Asset Manager supports every phase:



Evaluate your current asset documentation and identify gaps.



Strategize on the necessary documentation adjustments and enhancements.



Cataloging all your assets efficiently with guided data entry for details such as device type, ownership, and maintenance responsibilities.



Continuously track and update your asset documentation to reflect changes and ensure ongoing compliance.

Success Story: Joe's Journey

Let's take Joe's case as an example. Documenting hardening guides for his company's computers used to be daunting. However, with the help of the Asset Manager, this process was simplified. The tool guided him through each step, saving him time and reducing the effort required. What was once a cumbersome process became manageable and efficient.

Get Started with Asset Manager

The Asset Manager, included in our comprehensive Compliance Toolkit, is essential for any organization aiming to enhance its cybersecurity posture. Are you interested in seeing how it can transform your IT asset management? Sign up for a demo today and take the first step towards streamlined and secure asset documentation.