Artifact Logger

Streamline Your Compliance Artifact Collection

Preparing for an audit is no small task, especially when gathering the necessary evidence to prove compliance. The Artifact Logger from Cocoon alleviates this burden, simplifying this critical process. It transforms what used to be a full-time job into a manageable, semi-automated task. Our tool guides you precisely on what artifacts to gather, when, and how to organize them efficiently, bringing relief to your compliance journey.

Efficient and Automated Compliance Preparation

Artifact Logger is not just a tool; it's your productivity partner. It automates and organizes the collection of compliance artifacts, ensuring that you're always audit-ready. It seamlessly integrates with your existing program controls and workflows, guided by the expertise of Service Team partners, freeing up your time for more strategic tasks.

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Key features

Automated Scheduling

Automatically schedules the collection of necessary logs and artifacts, reducing the manual effort required.

Customizable Collectors

Built-in collectors inform you of the necessary data to gather, which can be fully customized to fit your compliance needs.

Simple Interface:

Organizes all compliance artifacts in one place with an easy-to-navigate interface, making the audit preparation process straightforward and stress-free.

Comprehensive Reporting

This service provides simple reports and checklists to ensure no required artifact is missed, offering full visibility into your compliance status.

Collaborative Tools

Designed to enhance team coordination during the artifact collection process, allowing you to delegate tasks efficiently and ensuring everyone is aware of their responsibilities.

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Transform Your Audit Preparation

Transform Your Audit Preparation With the Artifact Logger, you gain a proactive approach to compliance. The tool instructs you on what artifacts to collect and integrates automated SIEM logging for seamless data capture, highlighting which logs require manual intervention.

Success Story: Joe's Experience

Like many others, Joe was initially overwhelmed by the preparation required for an upcoming audit. However, with the Artifact Logger, he could delegate the collection tasks to other team members. This not only saved him time but also around $70,000 annually, as he no longer needed to hire additional help for audit preparation. To Joe, the Artifact Logger is not just a tool; it's a cost-saving solution.

Get Started with Artifact Logger

Artifact Logger is essential to our comprehensive Compliance Toolkit, ensuring your organization meets all regulatory requirements. Ready to simplify your audit preparations and ensure you’re always compliance-ready? Sign up for a demo today and see how our tool can make compliance manageable and efficient.