Are you ready for a Digital Transformation?

Technology plays a critical role in sustainable growth and profitability but knowing which combination of solutions will take your business to the next level is not always easy. Digital Transformation puts technology at the forefront of growth.


Understanding how currently used technologies contribute or fail to contribute to operational efficiencies.


Understanding the types, roles, quality, storage and access of data.

Business Processes

Understanding how current processes connect work activities, staff technical capabilities and meet customer needs.

Is technology keeping you from reaching that all-important next level?

Cocoon’s Digital Transformation Program focuses on building and implementing a forward-looking technology strategy that integrates systems across all areas of operations, improving productivity, cybersecurity and customer and employee experiences while future-proofing the entire organization. 

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Your Dedicated IT Partner

Business owners know they need technology to grow.

Partnering with Cocoon means consistently achieving maximum benefit from technology investments, putting your business in the best possible position for success in the present and future.

Offering much more than IT issues/crisis resolution, Cocoon combines strategies, digital services and custom-tailored solutions to ensure optimal performance across the organization’s entire IT framework. 


Digital Transformation

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Cocoon creates technology strategies, provides implementation and maintenance.


Trust Cocoon's Computer Support to ensure uptime and efficiency.


Cocoon takes care of hardware purchases so you can focus on business.

E-commerce Solutions

Cocoon develops websites and web stores that help you sell your products and services online.

Programming Solutions

Cocoon develops software-based solutions that are catered specifically to your business.

Cyber Security Consulting

Cocoon Cyber Security Consulting can help you achieve your specific goals with custom-made, technology-focused solutions.

Why Our Customers Choose Us!

We are an IT support partner dedicated to creating, implementing, and managing tailor-made solutions that foster success and growth.

Human-Centric Customer Service

Research, understanding, and empathy are at the forefront of our customer service.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

There’s always room for improvement and experimentation leads to innovation.

Act with Integrity and Accountability

Communication and comprehension nurtures successful relationships.
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Staying ahead of the COVID-19 situation

COVID-19 has been hard on all of us (albeit, on some more than others). We’ve all learned to adapt by working from home, by being a little more understanding and by hoping for the best. While we busily do this in Canada, there still seems to be others in the world who are taking advantage of the situation by trying to hack our computers. It’s become a big problem.

You can learn about staying safe online by reading our Cyber Security Blog.

What Costumers Are Saying

I always thought tech support was just a cost of doing business, until I met the professionals at Cocoon. They always listen to us, understand our needs and provide solutions and answers that are appropriate. They don’t try to use tricks or high tech jargon, but ensure we understand every decision at every step of the way.

Sonny Sidhu

A&J Construction, Calgary

The Cocoon experience has been great. Knowing that my company’s data and infrastructure is secure and being monitored 24/7 means that I have time to focus on other areas of my business. The services they offer are a perfect fit for the size of my business and the team really appreciates the dedicated face-to-face onsite tech support!

Corey Johnstone

Reno Pros, Calgary

Cyber Security Blog


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