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About Us

Cocoon is a cybersecurity company

We don't get printers back online, fix computer issues, or install and set up network hardware�that responsibility belongs to in-house IT specialists.

Our job is to help organizations stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyber-threat environment. We do this by providing the software and support needed to turn privacy officers into cybersecurity experts.


Cybersecurity Frameworks

Did you know Cocoon can help you prepare for cyber security framework accreditation? Cocoon helps your organization get ready by guiding you through the process of building your own standards-based cybersecurity framework. In addition, it tells you how your current IT system measures up against industry standards and outlines additional obligations your organization needs to comply with.

Our Founder

Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards

Matt's vision is to help organizations of all sizes understand the complexities of cybersecurity. He has over two decades of experience providing managed IT services, software development, and cybersecurity consulting and has helped thousands of companies maximize their protection against cyber threats.

Matt created an integrated suite of cybersecurity programs that help privacy officers cultivate cybersecurity capacity within their organization—these tool are built into Cyber EZ, Cocoon's proprietary SaaS platform.