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Cyber Security is Not Simply a Function of IT

Cyber security is a continuously evolving, company-wide endeavor driven by policy, training, and culture, supported by automated software tools and compliance monitoring.

As cyber-attacks increase in volume and sophistication, developing and maintaining a cyber-security framework is critical to safeguarding critical data, operations and ensuring business continuity.

What exactly is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the use of technology to protect a company’s information assets against all known and unknown threats.

Businesses need to stay ahead of evolving threats that can take many forms, including technical and physical breaches as well as compromised or hacked systems. As a provider of cyber security services to organizations throughout Canada, Cocoon helps organizations understand how they can prioritize, educate and implement cyber security to keep pace with the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Why Do Organizations Need Cyber Security?
  • A robust cyber security plan outlines exactly what risks a company is willing to take and their plan to mitigate against those risks. This plan also outlines how to react in the event of a threat and how to recover from a breach.
  • A cybersecurity solution is a preventive measure against cyber-attacks in the event of a breach. Organizations also deploy and integrate incident response (IR) and counter-measures (CMR) measures as a response to cyber-attacks.
  • Without cyber security, vital company assets can be stolen or compromised and sensitive customer information, customer data, and credit card information can be exposed to criminals.