Threat Remediation

Identify, analyze, assess and address cyber risk, all in real-time.


Integrated Security and Compliance

Integrated Security

Peace of mind starts with knowing what devices you have and where they are located. Therefore, it's of critical importance to cyber security to not only know where all your assets reside but have a dedicated system in place to monitor them.

Cocoon Security Monitoring installs on your computers and servers so you can be confident that “every” item connected to your IT environment is located, tracked, and continuously monitored, ensuring there are no gaps in your cyber security.



As with most things in business, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. 

Security Monitoring ensures that systems and applications remain compliant with your organization's standards and legal obligations by applying the policies and controls from your cyber security program to each of your endpoints.

In turn, Security Monitoring collects data from your endpoints so you know what is going on at every moment within your organization's network and then provides easy-to-understand statistical insight into your data by analyzing it in context of your cyber security requirements.

The insights gained can be immediately applied back to devices to fix broken processes, update critical controls, and implement fundamental policies.

Take back control of cyber security with Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring gives you the control and convenience you need to manage the cyber security of your entire organization from a single tool. Combined with Guided Services and Awareness Training, Security Monitoring forms a comprehensive cyber security program management platform.

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