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Cocoon cyber security protects your business.

Feel safe, secure, and confident at all times with Cocoon watching your back. Designed to keep 24/7 watch over your business, our cyber security service is like having a tech in your office around the clock. It keeps you safe from any maintenance issues or outside threats, guaranteed.

Easily create a cyber security plan, monitor its implementation, learn how to fix your security holes, and continuously improve your security. Continue reading below to find out how it works.

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  1. Answer some key questions about your organization in order to create a Policies and Procedures Manual for your organization


  2. Perform an audit to identify the activities your organization needs to perform to comply with your Policies and Procedures


  3. Prioritize and schedule activities that will help you stay compliant with your Policies and Procedures


  1. Install Cocoon’s monitoring tools on your computers, mobile phones, office and home networks, cloud servers, websites and more.


  2. Organize and prioritize the enforcement of cyber security protocols using security checks that produce security alerts when a vulnerability or deficiency is discovered
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  1. Take action on security alerts by performing recommended fixes


  2. Request additional information by submitting security alerts to Cocoon Support and receive Procedures for your Policies and Procedures Manual to help you remediate issues


  1. Receive recommendations about Policies and Procedures that can be added to your Manual that will help protect you from new threats


  2. Adopt recommendations and schedule implementation them into your organization
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Partner with Cocoon and prepare for the future!