Privacy Officer

Enable managers to fulfil the role of the privacy officer

How it works

Incident Response Plan

Designed to help organizations improve their response time, the Incident Response Plan provides managers with the tools needed to document how everyone should behave during a security incident.

  • Build - Use the tools in the Privacy Officer Program to build an incident response plan.
  • Test - Test your incident response team is ready for anything. Our tabletop generator creates unique tabletop scenarios for your team to practice by analyzing your IT systems' weaknesses.
  • Report - Remove the burden of creating reports during an emergency by following step-by-step instructions that gather the correct information and automatically prepare reports.
  • Improve - Analyze metrics on incidents and review recommendations on how to improve your team’s response plan.

Privacy Assessments

  • Privacy Impact Assessments - Automatically create Privacy Impact Assessments whenever a change is made to cyber security settings.
  • Regulation Compliance - Export assessments and send them to government privacy programs in accordance with their regulations.
  • Measure Risk - Built-in risk scoring provides visibility into security risks and makes recommendations on how to improve privacy.

Privacy Requests

  • Website Plugins - The front-end privacy request form plugs into your website so customers can submit privacy requests. Submissions are securely logged into the Privacy Request Tool to be processed by the Privacy Officer.
  • Data Modeling - Tools help build and model data processing activities so you are ready to respond if a data breach occurs.
  • Transparency - Communicate to customers an overview of the data you store of them. You have control over what information they can see.
  • Detailed Tracking - Document privacy requests and completion deadlines, so you never fall out of line with compliance regulations.
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Cocoon can teach you how to be an effective privacy officer.

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