Manage Stakeholder Relations

    Use proactive stakeholder management to achieve buy-in and support.

    Recent surveys have shown that stakeholder management is the number one factor in CIO success.
    Understanding which of your stakeholders is most important and finding the best way to address their needs can be challenging.

    How it works

    Developing a Stakeholder Management System starts with identifying stakeholders most likely to require engagement and then prioritizing the types of information that would benefit them the most.
    The management system needs to take a proactive approach keeping in mind the potential for competing stakeholder demands.
    Your management system needs to be constantly in a state of readiness to engage with stakeholders and provide information upon request. You must continually update your plan and approach to ensure your schedule is not unexpectedly derailed.


    • Optimization of your stakeholder management process to effectively manage key stakeholders
    • Building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders will give you easier buy-in for current and future initiatives
    • Ability to monitor your progress in managing stakeholders using a weighted Net Promoter Score