Develop Meaningful Performance Metrics

    Strengthen service orientation in your IT department by ensuring your IT metrics yield value-driven behaviours.

    Most organizations' IT departments measure services from a technological perspective but rarely consider how they contribute to business goals and outcomes. As a result, they fail to identify, measure and track outcomes to ensure the benefits remain valuable and meet expected long-term ROI throughout a service's lifecycle.

    How it works

    Create metrics to confirm service performance and identify gaps, then use the gained insights to drive service improvement to maximize service value. Upon completion of improvements, validate performance improvements and measure their business value.  The next step is to ensure your reporting aligns with the end-user experience and maintains compliance with process and regulatory requirements.


    • IT becomes a key driver in business value achievement
    • Alignment of the relationship between business and IT
    • The ability to identify service performance and achieve higher customer satisfaction
    • Create a culture of IT and business collaboration