Build a Business-Aligned IT Strategy

    For IT to be most successful, it must be aligned with business goals and focused on achieving IT excellence while driving technology innovation. However, IT strategies are nonexistent or ineffective in many organizations, resulting in alignment, organization, and prioritization issues, leaving CXOs to feel their business goals are not supported by IT. Creating business-aligned IT strategies with effective governance frameworks ensures technology integration into all aspects of the organization and continuously provides the support needed to increase productivity and innovation. How to build your business-aligned IT strategy.

    • When creating your IT strategy, you must first establish the scope of your plan by identifying IT's mission and vision statements and guiding principles
    • You will then analyze current IT performance to identify key strategic elements that need attention
    • You'll then produce the business context to identify the most critical processes for the organization while building an operational plan that can be executed successfully
    • Finally, evaluate the foundational elements required for successful execution of strategic initiatives before wrapping all information into a highly visual and compelling presentation enabling easy customization and executive-facing content