Energize IT-Led Business Innovation

    Now is the time to start using IT to solve business problems through innovation.

    If IT in your organization is not seen as a source of innovation and exploration, its perceived value decreases, and the risk of adopting ‘shadow IT’ will grow.

    How it works

    In this module, we start by prioritizing your organization’s most pressing operational pains, then provide IT with proven techniques for identifying opportunities for innovation. Once these opportunities have been identified, IT can develop solutions to eliminate or alleviate these challenges. The developed solutions need to be impactful and prototype quickly.
    Once IT has demonstrated its ability to innovate, you will mature your capability with a formal, ongoing innovation process program.


    • IT becomes a driver for solutions and innovation
    • Reliance on shadow IT is reduced
    • Creation of a permanent innovation process and program
    • Creation of an idea incubator to execute solutions immediately when the timing is right