Improve IT Governance to Drive Business Results

    The number-one predictor of value generated by IT, according to current research, is effective governance; however, many organizations struggle to organize their IT governance, and the result is inefficient spending on technology and difficulties in linking their tech spend to value. Another impediment to effective IT governance is having the wrong people decide how best to spend money on technology.


    For governance to effectively create value from IT investment and drive business results, it needs to be managed through a dynamic framework that addresses changing goals, risks, or organizational context while aligning with business objectives and direction. Effective IT governance also requires the involvement of key stakeholders across the business who don't see IT’s value in corporate strategy and management. Governance processes also need to be designed to ensure that decision-making can be made quickly to avoid non-compliance issues.

    Impact and Result

    Cocoon's four-step process will guide you as you create or optimize your IT governance framework. Our customer-tested methodology ensures integration and alignment between IT and business, shortens decision-making cycles, and increases transparency in decisions about benefits realization, risks, and resources. The following outcomes will result from the successful completion of the IT governance redesign:

    1. Crucial insights into your current governance framework
    2. Alignment between IT and business context
    3. Redesign and optimization of the governance framework
    4. Roadmap for implementation of the governance redesign