Mitigate Knowledge Loss from Key IT Employees

    Ensure IT knowledge is transferred before it’s gone.

    Each year, more and more baby boomers retire from the workforce, and in many cases, IT knowledge leaves with them, making it more critical than ever to have formal processes in place to capture and retain their knowledge.

    • Over 66 million Baby Boomers will retire within the next 20 years, which means that a significant portion of your IT knowledge will be gone.
    • Effective knowledge transfer mitigates risks from employees leaving the organization and is a crucial asset driving innovation and customer service.

    How it works

    Creating a formal information transfer strategy and process ensures that critical knowledge responsible for driving productivity, innovation, and customer services remains within the organization.
    Your transfer strategy needs to align with your business goals and prioritize knowledge transfer candidates based on the types of knowledge that need to be captured, likelihoods of departure and impacts of losing that knowledge.


    • Identification of knowledge and stakeholder risks associated with departures
    • Prioritization of knowledge transfer candidates based on impact
    • Creation of knowledge transfer roadmap
    • Approvals for IT knowledge transfers