IT Workforce Plan – Strategic Design

    Create a strategic workforce plan and ensure current staffing supports your IT organization’s success.

    Most business leaders understand that talent and workforce planning are critical to success but often aren’t sure what is needed to give the organization a competitive advantage or whether their current staff line-ups have what it takes or fall short.
    A well-defined strategic workforce plan (SWP) ensures that staffing aligns and supports current and future IT initiatives.

    How it works

    With Cocoon's planning tools, developing a strategic workforce plan is more accessible and less time-consuming than many would think.
    Gathering and understanding data specific to current and future strategic initiatives, workforce landscape and internal/external trends ensures you are not working with hypotheticals and best prepares you for the future.
    The planning process follows five key steps:

    • Creation of a well-defined project charter
    • Workforce competency assessment and needs
    • Impact analysis of internal and external trends
    • Impact analysis of strategic initiatives on roles
    • Creation of the workforce plan and an assessment program


    • Clear understanding of the current workforce landscape and how it relates to current and future initiatives
    • Understanding of current competencies and future needs
    • Understanding of how internal/external trends and strategic initiatives impact roles
    • An actionable workforce strategy and plan