Redesign Your IT Organizational Structure

    Design your IT organization for the future with strategy and structure.

    An organizational redesign represents a crucial opportunity to ensure that IT is aligned with the organization’s strategic direction. However, many approaches and competing priorities are involved in this task, which makes implementing the best-fit organizational design highly complex and challenging to navigate.

    How it works

    Your new organizational structure will inform how roles need to function and how people will work together to create value. It will require a strategic baseline as a foundation that will allow you to assess whether potential changes will fit into the bigger picture or not.
    Defining a set of organizational design principles will give you the necessary guidelines and serve as a roadmap to ensure that structure does not stray from the organization’s strategy. You will also need people to champion change and encourage adoption to ensure success.


    • Creates balance, adaptability, and stability.
    • Creates a customized operating model that demonstrates how the new organizational structure will integrate workflows in and out of the department to create value.
    • Defines future-state work units, roles and responsibilities needed for IT to complete projects as required.