Minimize the Damage from IT Cost Cuts

    IT costs-cuts are felt by everyone.

    Cost optimization projects often have unanticipated consequences that offset the potential cost savings and result in dissatisfaction within the business. Additionally, quick-win cost-cutting initiatives typically are not enough to satisfy the organization’s mandate and can be disruptive and potentially affect the entire company.

    How it works

    To minimize the damage caused by IT cost-cutting, IT needs to work collaboratively with businesses to ensure they understand the full implications of proposed cuts. By taking a value-based approach to cost optimization, you can reduce IT spending while continuing to deliver the essential services.


    • Provides a value-based approach to cost optimization.
    • Reduces the effect of IT costs cuts to the entire business.
    • Avoids unintended interruptions to the business.
    • Magnitude and urgency of cuts are weighed against potential unintended consequences.