Design and Build a User-Facing Service Catalog

    Create a convenient menu-like service catalogue to improve user satisfaction with IT.

    Business users are often unaware of the breadth of IT services available. They often assume that everything is, creating unrealistic expectations of what IT can do for them. When they find information on offered services, it can be challenging to navigate because descriptions are often written in technical language or contain details that don't apply to them.

    How it works

    Start by organizing your services in a relevant way to the users, practical and manageable for IT.
    Your goal is to create a catalogue that improves user satisfaction and streamlines requests. Therefore, your service catalogue needs to be written in plain, jargon-free language and from the business user’s perspective, not IT’s perspective. It should also only contain information that applies to users and nothing more.
    Services should also be separated into enterprise-level and Line of Business (LOB). This will simplify organizing service descriptions and make it easier for users to navigate, leading to higher user acceptance.


    • Transformation of the organization’s perception of IT’s.
    • A practical, easy-to-navigate catalogue of services.
    • An efficient way of categorizing services that improve user acceptance and up-take.
    • A living document that’s easy to update and modify.