Design an Enterprise Architecture Strategy

    Develop a plan that fits the organization's current level of maturity and remains open to changes in the future.

    As with most functions within the IT organization, the enterprise architecture (EA) team constantly needs to demonstrate the value of its role. One of the best ways for the EA team to articulate the business value is to create traceability from business goals and vision to EA contributions.

    How it works

    As your IT organization's success is contingent on delivering value to the business, the EA team must demonstrate value beyond IT. Building your EA strategy from a foundation of fundamentals, including vision and mission statement, goals and objectives, and a carefully crafted value proposition ensures that EA delivers value through outcomes that support the organization's enterprise strategy.


    • A strategic template based on well-defined fundamentals
    • A value proposition that clearly articulates the value of the EA function and identifies services EA must provide to the organization to deliver on the promised value proposition
    • A roadmap for developing enterprise-focused EA