IT Project Management Processes Tailored to Fit Your Projects

    Make sure PMBOK is right-sized for all your IT projects.

    Project planning failure leads to IT projects going over budget and time, resulting in poor stakeholder satisfaction and a widespread perception that IT is not delivering value. While getting better at project management is the key, it's common for organizations to overshoot best practices often when they adopt them. This results in an excessive overhead that time-strapped project managers or teams can't sustain for very long.
    Implementing best practices is essential, but they aren’t always ideal. This can be due to resource constraints in an organization or because it may not work for various projects that come their way. A right-sized approach to your project management process will help take what you need from this kind of framework and then create a strategy that will fit your needs!

    How it works

    Formal project execution processes are necessary for smaller or more extensive projects. They lead to better-rounded scope statements, more well-defined requirements and increased executive buy-in due to the effort put into their development.
    Right-sizing initiation and planning rigour will provide more excellent success rates by providing a reliable framework that helps with consistency through repeatable protocols. The collaboration between IT decision-makers is improved as they now have an additional tool in understanding the big picture thanks to these highly consistent practices achieved during project planning stages.


    • Improved project throughput and closure
    • Reliable scope statements, balanced requirements definitions and increased executive buy-in and engagement
    • Rigorous project execution processes
    • Consistent and repeatable processes that help reduce errors and inefficiencies
    • Improved collaboration and communication between project managers and IT decision-makers