Build a Reporting and Analytics Strategy

    Create a business-aligned reporting and analytics strategy to deliver actionable business insights.

    It's impossible to expect that the whole company will be at the same level of BI maturity. Therefore, your strategy needs to consider this and try instead to align with the current situation rather than force solutions on the organization.
    Technology is just one aspect of your BI and analytics approach; it won't help you much if you're only looking for quick solutions or guarantees about long-term success.

    How it works

    The better the BI strategy, the higher your chances of getting a successful data warehouse and integration. This is because it identifies the data types needed to support business decisions.
    BI tool acquisitions don’t always improve your current state as they can often come with their own set of problems or limitations, potentially hindering benefits. That’s why there needs to be more emphasis placed on improving existing practices among professionals first, then acquiring a new technology later if required - this will reduce some hurdles regarding efficiency and usability without having other complications arise instead.


    • Alignment between BI and corporate vision, mission, goals, and strategic direction
    • Identifies business partner's needs
    • Informs data warehouse and integration layers for required content, latency, and quality