Build an Application Rationalization Framework

    Minimize risk and maximize value by managing your application portfolio.

    Due to sprawl and poor portfolio management, organizations often have too many applications. To address this problem, companies need to align the rationalization criteria of their application portfolios in a way that can be understood by those who manage them.

    How it works

    There is no "one size fits all" regarding rationalization. The best way to achieve your success is by playing to your strengths and building the framework that aligns with your goals and limitations. Remember that by applying a rigid approach with inflexible inputs, you can delay or prevent yourself from realizing value.


    • Defines the roles, responsibilities, and outputs for application rationalization
    • Creates a tailored application rationalization framework (ARF) aligned with your motivations, goals, and limitations
    • Applies application assessments to produce the information your dispositions will be based on
    • Creates a portfolio roadmap to highlight rationalization decisions to key stakeholders