Governance and Management of Enterprise Software Implementation

    Increase the likelihood of success by being agile.

    Research indicates there is a 17% chance of enterprise software implementation going so severely it will threaten the company's existence. This is caused by poor planning and execution phases, which you must avoid when implementing enterprise software.
    Creating an agile project implementation framework will vastly increase your chances for success compared to traditional Waterfall implementations.

    How it works

    Agile is still in its infancy outside of software development as knowledge for applying it to business processes is lacking.
    And because your best process experts are the same people you need to keep the business running, you cannot afford for your best people to be pulled out of their jobs into implementation for an extended period. Therefore, you must leverage best project management practices to deliver value to the business sooner.


    • Achieves rapid execution allowing project staff to return to their daily work sooner
    • Engages users and receives timely feedback through demonstrations of completed work
    • Leverages vendor partner relationships for their expertise