Remediation Services for Insurance Companies

Your client’s business has experienced a cyber security breach.

Assets, data, and operations have been exposed and potentially compromised. The client has activated its incident response plan and has notified you of the breach.

As the insurer, you can offer your clients immediate access to Cocoon’s breach support and remediation services.

Our cyber security specialists provide rapid response to limit the damage caused by a breach, apply solutions to treat the security compromise and set up the documentation and reporting required by investigations. Upon remediation of the security compromise, Cocoon provides services that quickly update the client’s cyber security framework to re-establish compliance.

Our cybersecurity remediation services use the following approach:

  1. Identify security breach(s)
  2. Determine the root cause(s) of the breach
  3. Create and apply solutions to remedy the breach
  4. Verify elimination of the threat
  5. Secure area(s) of the breach to prevent further cyber-crime activities
  6. Compile and document all information related to the breach
  7. Oversee required reporting procedures and follow-up requirements
  8. Provide incident reports to insurance companies and other required third-party agencies
  9. Assist affected businesses with communication strategies to reduce any impacts on reputation
  10. Create an action plan detailing the steps and procedures to follow immediately upon the discovery of a breach

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