Program Administration Tools for Associations

Save time and resources by managing your organization's members and their cyber security programs, all from one easy-to-use system.

Membership Management Simplified

Adding, renewing, updating, and tracking member activities has never been easier.

Cocoon's Membership Admin Platform safely stores your member data and provides an easy-to-use interface for accessing it. Intuitive functionality and workflows eliminate the need for specialized job skills and key person dependencies.

Keep track of active, inactive, and prospective members, classify organizations and individuals, create variable membership tiers, track projects and results, and monitor payment status.

Automated Notifications

The system automatically sends notifications such as welcome and expiry reminders to members, so you never have to worry about someone not being notified.

Secure Interactions

Cocoon's Membership Admin Platform allows administrators, advisors, consultants, and clients to interact with each other in a secure, private environment.

With role-based permissions, you can control who can interact with each other and what data they can access.

Multichapter Access

Let members join your organization at large or pick a chapter to belong to.

Assign and Introduce

Use the platform to assign clients to advisors and introduce clients to consultants to help them complete cyber security services.

Consulting Automation

Keep track of hours worked and details from the successful completion of projects. Generate invoices on behalf of contractors, link contractor banking information, and track payments.

Cyber Security Profile Database

Cocoon's Membership Admin Platform is driven by a powerful, centralized cyber security profile database that offers a complete range of cyber security services.

Once a member chooses the cyber security service(s) best suited to their needs, the platform's AI creates a custom program to guide them through the process of securing their organization. The more services they complete, the more comprehensive their cyber security program becomes.


The central database generates powerful and informative reports on your members' status and activities with a simple mouse click.

Specialized cyber security reports help members easily understand their cyber security posture and identify areas they need to improve.

Financial scenario reports help members understand the risks they face and where they need to focus their time.

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