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As uncertainties in the world's geopolitical structure continue to rise, so too does the list of foreign countries using state-sponsored cyber warfare targeting western infrastructures and businesses. To say our world is changing fast is an understatement.

Cyber security is an ever-increasing concern for Canadians and businesses.

That’s why the Canadian government is investing tens of millions of dollars into advancing cyber security across the country.

If now is not the right time to start managing your cyber security, when will it ever be?

After a breach? Data or financial loss? Disruption of operations?

Cyber Security is Not a Function of IT

Despite what you may have heard, effective cyber security is a function of management and not IT.

While outsourcing your cyber security to the experts that take care of your computers and network or purchasing a software tool might seem like the simplest solution, it removes the most important components of your cyber security program from the equation, your management.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Regardless of the size or type of business you operate, cyber security management should be a critical component of your operations and cyber security awareness should be part of your company culture.

Benefits of Cyber Security Management

By taking steps to improve your organization's cyber security posture you will:

  • Limit the impacts of a cyber incident
  • Enhance your competitive advantage and attract new business
  • Reassure your customers and investors you take cybersecurity seriously
  • Improve your cybersecurity knowledge

Based on CyberSecure Canada certification criterium, Cocoon's cyber security management system combines policies, procedures, and business practices with technology tools and awareness training to protect all IT environments and operations.

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