Security Planner

Cyber Security on Canadian Standards


Self Audit

Find out for yourself how your current cyber security measures up against industry standards.


IT Docs

Document your IT ecosystem to improve the security and recoverability of systems.


IT Policies

Automatically generate fine-grained IT Policies based on how you answer questions about your cyber security.


Cyber Security Manual

Export sharable documentation that demonstrates your due diligence when it comes to cyber security.


See How You Measure Up

Compare your cyber security to industry standards and start fixing the holes that make you vulnerable.

Inspire Your Employees

Be an inspiration to your employees by leading them into a secure future.

Build Customer Trust

Demonstrate to customers that a partnership with your company is smart and safe.


Cocoon can help you plan for cyber security.

Cocoon is an Alberta-based cyber security company focused on helping organizations of all sizes achieve and sustain maximum protection against cyber threats.