Create and Implement a Hardware Asset Management Program

    A proactive asset management program creates a foundation of value for IT services.

    While most organizations are aware of asset management benefits, they often lack a structured program to manage their hardware assets.
    Many organizations implementing a hardware asset management (HAM) program often view it as a one-and-done project, leading to stagnation, outdated processes, and inconsistent standards. When hardware asset management programs are optimized, they produce large amounts of valuable data, which, when properly utilized, can drive value.

    How it works

    Assessing the current state of your HAM program will help define the assets needed to be managed and create the scope for your HAM program. Once your program’s scope has been determined, you can develop standards, policies, processes, and procedures for each hardware asset life cycle stage that will ensure consistency regardless of any changes to your IT environment.


    • Creates consistency of standards for IT asset management
    • Creation/organization of valid IT data
    • Reduction or elimination of IT data silos
    • Safeguarding of processes