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Compliance Monitoring

Protect emails, files, computers and networks from all types of cybercrime.

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Protect Email

Email security should be a top priority for every business as it is the most targeted platform for cyber-attacks. Cocoon guards your emails against hackers, spam and viruses.

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Protect Files

Protect files with automated backups that are encrypted and saved to our private cloud where they can be quickly recovered.

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Protect Computers

Protects computers by automatically updating Windows and other commonly used software.

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Protect Networks

Cocoon's Cyber Security Firewall continuously protects your entire computer network. It blocks unwanted traffic from getting in and stops unauthorized programs from stealing data and getting out.

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All businesses are potential targets of cybercrime.

Cybercriminals don't care about your industry, revenue or number of employees. Their goal is to gain access to sensitive information and disrupt, destroy, alter or control your data for malicious or criminal purposes. But with Cocoon's help, you don't have to worry anymore.

Peace of mind comes from knowing your data is always protected.

Regardless of what is going on in your business, Cocoon has you covered.

Our cyber security program has one goal—to protect systems, devices, networks, and data from any type of unauthorized access or attack.

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How Cocoon Cyber Security Works


Replace your current router with a cyber security firewall that we provide (optional).


Download/install security and monitoring tools on all computers connected to your network.


Tools immediately analyze computer networks and identify security risks.


Tools close security gaps and continuously monitor for threats, attacks and breaches.


Set up alerts and notifications.