Awareness Training

Don’t let a misstep made by one user put an entire organization at risk

Employee Awareness Training

Capacity’s Awareness Training Program ensures that everyone in your organization understands the potential threats, consequences, and responsibilities for following established security guidelines and procedures.

Awareness Training includes two essential components.

  • Security Training - Security Training teaches employees how to maintain their security and remain vigilant against potential threats. Practical techniques and demonstrations explain how to protect against cyber threats.
  • Active Engagement - Active Engagement ensures previously trained practices and procedures are not forgotten. Activities and tools such as posters, videos, and email messages keep your staff’s focus on security.


Cyber Security Training Methods

Deliver critical information in ways that foster cyber awareness and accountability with employee orientation materials, online courses and classroom instruction. Impart security knowledge that employees will continuously apply in their jobs.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Measure the retention of training materials by conducting simulated phishing attacks. Reporting allows your privacy officer to gauge the effectiveness of training by measuring the percentage of users who fall victim to the simulated attack.

Designated Security Champions

Designate security champions throughout various business units and offer them special training so they can spread and maintain cybersecurity awareness throughout the organization.

Training Frequency

Configure the frequency of your training efforts to yield the best results. Optimize training by balancing the time required to conduct training and the benefit of reminding users of their responsibilities.

Role-based Training

Provide customized training to those who fill specific roles within the organization. For example, give IT staff the specialized skills to implement security controls, employees handling credit card information training on PCI requirements and HR team members training on securely managing personal information.

Current & Relevant Content

Stay on top of IT policy training by automatically assigning policy reviews to affected employees whenever a change is made to an IT system. Capacity training materials are updated regularly to ensure that the content remains current and relevant.

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